My hourly rate for two-party mediations is $400.00 per hour or portion thereof. For multi-party mediations (where three or more sets of diverse interests are represented in the discussions) the rate increases by $25/hour for each additional, separate vested interest.  Reduced rates for volume can be negotiated.

There is a minimum booking time of three hours.

If the mediation is booked out of town I do not charge travel time. Instead, a five-hour minimum applies to the actual booking.

I do charge any actual transportation or accommodation expenses that reasonably evolve.
I avoid overnight accommodation costs where practical.

I do not charge for pre-mediation activity so long as it does not involve extensive review of documents. If the parties wish me to invest in significant review time in advance, I will make appropriate arrangements with the parties prior to carrying out the work.

All invoices are due and payable on receipt unless otherwise agreed to. In the event that offers are left open by agreement, beyond the expiration of the actual mediation, for a week or so, I am amenable to holding my invoicing for that interim time period. I do not mind, nor do I charge for, following up during this interim period by telephone if the parties feel it would be useful.