Cancellation & Rescheduling Policies


In the event that there are any changes in the meeting details between initial booking and the mediation date, or in the event of a cancellation, I have excellent support staff who are available to set new dates and make new arrangements for location. They are available if you wish to delegate the rescheduling logistics. There is no extra charge for doing this.

A cancellation fee of $1200.00 plus GST will apply to any scheduled mediation that is cancelled or rescheduled without 7 full business days’ notice. Unless otherwise negotiated by the parties involved, the party confirming the cancellation or rescheduling incurs the cancellation fee.

Upon being notified that a mediation is actually cancelled or rescheduled I immediately make that date available on my web site for any other party. If no other booking has filled in by the cancelled date, I then invoice as per the cancellation policy.

Rescheduling a cancelled mediation on a new date does not obviate the cancellation fee.

It is standard procedure for me to send out two emails on receipt of a new assignment. The first is a confirmation note, sent out on assignment, with the cancellation policy clearly outlined. The second, sent out well in advance of the mediation, is a reminder note to all parties. That reminder note specifically states the last date that a mediation can be cancelled without incurring the cancellation fee.

An applied cancellation policy not only protects the mediator from real lost income earning opportunities, it also reinforces the deadlines for the parties putting into place the information that they will need to actually conclude the matter on the date of the mediation. It has been my experience that while cancellation fees are equally unpleasant for all involved, they are actually a necessary and positive element of the process.