Co-mediation Part 2

This post originally appeared on as a third post in the “On Co-Mediation Series”

In Part I, I expanded upon how the applicant (Ms Sainty) and I saw benefits in our partnership, confirmed our pairing and began the process of working with mediation parties in seeking their permission to proceed with a co-mediation model. Below, I would like to continue and expand upon the co-mediation structure we employed, and the benefits, as I see them, of our co-mediation approach.

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On Co-Mediation Part One by Nick de Domenico

This post originally appeared on as the second post in the “On Co-Mediation” Series

I recently had the very positive experience of co-mediating with a new applicant to the Civil Roster. I thought I would share what happened on this blog as I saw benefit obtained not just by the applicant in terms of fulfilling the paid mediation requirement for Roster membership, but also as a learning process for both of us, and as considerable added value to my clients and to my practice as a mediator.

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