While I have engaged in the running of various small businesses including a charter fishing business and two small independent adjusting firms, my primary means of earning a living up until about 12 years ago was in the settlement of personal injury claims. My general adjusting company in partnership with others evolved into a boutique, solo practice where I specialized in a collaborative approach to the management of catastrophic injury claims, from the accident investigation, through rehab, to settlement. For that approach to work, the decision makers in the process, the examiner and the claimant (and often their family), had to have clear information presented in a timely way that took into account traditional expectations. That was my job.

Then my daughter turned into a teenager and I was confronted with the usual challenges of a parent in that situation. I went to the Justice Institute of BC’s Conflict Resolution Program in search of an Owner’s Manual for Parents. Their program was excellent and it brought my understanding of communications to a new level. My daughter still talks to me, and those I used to negotiate for and against have accepted me in the role of professional facilitator.

It’s now the only way I earn income. I find it a challenging and positive occupation. While I still enjoy personal injury work I have become increasingly interested in participating in mediation opportunities in estate litigation where the parties coming into the negotiation have both historical and future elements to their relationships.

On a non-work level I enjoy music, photography, bicycling and good conversation.

If you want specifics of my work history my resume is available here.